Playing With Blocks

The last time I played with blocks (last month), it was with my youngest granddaughter who is three-years-old. It turns out that the age of three is not conducive to playing with others, and I was told to “don’t play blocks!” when I somehow made an error in design. I hope to achieve more success in today’s post.


I hate changes and having a learning curve. Yet, the flexibility of the Blocks layout is wonderful! There are so many things to play with, that I may have to spend the weekend playing with them.

<–  My 90-pound lapdog is not howling in pain or a psychotic break.  She is simply waiting for my granddaughter to drop a dog biscuit.  So, Bitter Ben feel free to ‘steal’ this image and use it in good health!

Not much to report yet on the block layout – I have too much going on to devote the time and energy to learn a new interface. That said – I’m looking forward to it.


♥  TTFN  ♥