What my New Header is all About

Strange things happen. Especially around me. Anyone who has read a few of my posts can affirm. Those who read me and actually know me are nodding their heads & muttering, “Oh yeah.”

⇐ I used a white Betty Crocker cake mix and made it using the instructions on the box. It turned out perfect.  Until I took the layers out of the pans.

It was super moist and began imploding into the center. The photo was taken before gravity made it completely fall over. 

The taste was exquisite, proving my theory that horrible looking cakes taste the best. 

I did not plan to show off this disaster of a dessert, but I felt that it reflected the slightly off-balance, yet sweet, person I am. Or maybe, I just needed a wacky photo and chose this one.

You never know.


♥  TTFN  ♥