A Little Too Close …

The quote to the right really hit home this summer. I honestly thought that I would have another year before my eleven year old granddaughter turned to the dark side. Ha! Her mother turned at eleven, why did I not see it coming? COVID-19, that is why. I never even got to see her when she was ten, except on a computer screen.

It was not until I saw her in person this summer did I notice how tall she had grown. And she did not need help with her bath anymore. She was even body-shy, with her grandma. Oh my. Yet, she wanted the tooth fairy to come and get the molar she lost last week.

My phone has not seen so much action, well. – ever. Two different boys have my number, but they are not calling me. One lad is “just my friend” she tells me. The other one is her boyfriend. Holy Moley. I wonder what eleven year old boys want? Do they get peer pressure to hook up? Do I really want to find the answers to these questions?

Probably not.

It’s true that I am a curious person. (Some people would say I am nosy and they would not be wrong.) But more and more these days I am hesitant to explore the unknown. Every time I venture out on the internet I see/read something horrifying. Once you see something, you can’t un-see it. That also goes for learning something I rather not know. That being said, I promise to not read your texts.

I only want to have my phone back so I can charge it. I swear.