A Virtual Race

To summarize, Mary Kay is hosting the MK5k as a virtual event this year. This annual race is to raise money for the Mary Kay Ash Foundation that funds research on women’s cancers and helps women to escape domestic abuse.

OK. Sounds easy, right? Except that you actually have to run, walk, bike, skip for 13 miles in 13 days. One mile a day would be a snap. Then I decided to sign my dog, Ziva, up also. She loves to walk. We will be a team, Team Ziva. We are ‘in training’ now – the race is Oct. 1 through Oct. 13. It will be a challenge, for many reasons, but mostly because Miss Ziva and I do not walk at the same pace. Her pace depends on if there are other people, dogs, squirrels, chain saws or wind. My pace depends upon how much I have warmed up before we leave the house, if I remembered to take my asthma meds, my blood sugar is stable, and the weather is calm. Are these variables show stoppers? No.

Ziva and I will walk regardless. Will we have fun? No. These are the 0.2 mile walks. Short, but if frustration converts to cardio, they are productive. We get more in sync the more regularly we walk. It is not her fault I have allergies. We have a page called “13 miles in 13 days” where we are keeping a log of our ‘adventures’. Mostly boring reading at the moment. Frankly, I’m taking advantage of the rest.

Official Timekeeper for Team Ziva

[Don’t tell her, but this is not a timed event]

Because this is a virtual event, you can join Team Ziva no matter where in the USA or Canada you live. A $35 registration fee will get you a T-shirt and go toward our fund raising goal. Think about it. We would love you to join us…

Our Fundraising Page is HERE