Peeve of the Day

Who keeps spreading the word about me?

I just wrote a post about happiness being temporary. Today proves that theory. I needed a crowbar to empty my PO box this morning. It was crammed full of holiday catalogs, advertisements for insurance, and a multitude of letters asking for money.

Paperwork Mountian

I do have a few causes I donate to. The American Diabetes Association, for one. I am a diabetic, and I like to get their magazine. That being said, I am tired of them sending me requests to donate twice a week. Stop killing trees, for Pete’s sake. I send money when I can. When I feel like it. I’m a diabetic, so it’s not like I could forget. Sheesh!

Over time, my address spread to other organizations that needed money. I have lived at this address for almost 10 years. I counted the number of agencies that were after me. In just the last week – 21 different ones. Does everyone get that many? New ones appear often, and that tells me my name & address are still being passed around. Probably, for long after I die, they will keep mailing me. Creepy thought.

When Jesus calls me from the grave, I worry his arms will be full of my junk mail. But that is just silly. I’m sure that He will delegate that to a sweet angel, who will help me recycle it.