Memos I Have Missed

Oh, I’m not talking about workplace memos.

I’m talking about the memos that seem to be sent to everyone but you, leaving you clueless and embarrassed. They are regarding things you should know, do, or not do. Like the image on the right says.

Another one I missed is the memo from hubby to our kids. I suspected this was going on for a while, but not at the level it’s taken to now. This memo must have said something like – “If the trash & recycle bins in the kitchen get full, pretend they are not and keep shoving stuff in. DO NOT complain the trash is full OR take the trash out to the cans in the garage. When someone, i.e. me, gets sick of the overflowing bins and the un-fitables on the counters and the floor next to them, she will take care of all of it. We no longer have to worry about it.” They got me with the trash thing. They all know that I get disgusted long before anyone else will. Their tolerance for filth amazes me.

I would LOVE to hear about the memos you have missed in your life. Just write them in the comment space and let me know all about them!