A Night Not at the Oscars

I schemed up a wonderful idea this year! I’m so proud of myself. My daughter and 11-year-old granddaughter are a pretty fun sort, so I don’t see any problems with them going along with me. If I don’t get into my own way and remember all the important info my Lights, Camera, Shine coach taught me, and things turn out close to how I am envisioning – I will post our adventure here & to my YouTube Channel.

If so posted, part II of the scheme comes into play.

The next morning…

Oh My! It is really bad. Apparently, we are not natural comedians or think fast on our feet. Most likely it was due to the fact we did not have scripts to go by, we were in a hurry before hubby got home, and we were too concerned with our makeup and outfits to take the time we (obviously) needed.

That being said, I still am wanting to commence with part II – surprising my hubby with our video on youtube. You see, he often goes on YouTube to watch How-To video’s from working on Model A cars, COPS episodes, DIY content, 1950s TV shows, and classic comedy shows. I will post the video on my YouTube channel, tagging it in a way that will hopefully show up in one of his searches. Which could take days, considering I need to find my notes on videography. Sigh.

For those whose curiosity is aroused, I give you our Oscar Night

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com