April Foolishness

To the naive and gullible, every day is April Fool’s day. I have played a few pranks in my day, and they were very cool ones, however, I felt so guilty afterward that I swore off of the whole thing.

I am a person that believes what people tell me. Especially, if I know them. Why wouldn’t I take them at their word? They have no reason to lie. Unless they lie to test my gullibility. They already know I am very gullible, so what’s the point?

Elk Hunting, in their Dreams

My husband is a rascal by nature, so when he tells me ridiculous things, I am suspicious now. He has told me some very tall tales in our 34 years of marraige. Like when he told me that turkeys sleep in trees, I did not believe him. My granddaughter looked it up on Google, and he was not kidding. The man has made an art of telling me things that I believe, to amuse himself. The fact that it never gets old (to him) amazes me.

I think it is a challenge for people to see just how far they can go before I am on to them. Am I right? Will someone please tell me what is so funny?


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