Is It Just Me?

Or does everyone over 50 years of age experience this scatteredness? Forget about multitasking. I am lucky to complete a task. Oh, I start a job, then move on to another. The other one distracts me and makes me remember the first one. On my way back to the first one, I came across a task that must be done. Right now.

Some days I never get back to task #1. I did many things, made progress, cleaned stuff, and organized. Unfortunately, task #1 was the only thing listed on my to-do list. An entire day’s work and I can’t cross off anything. Only I, and now you, know that I did all that work. Hubby doesn’t know because it’s the kind of work that doesn’t “show.” You know what I’m talking about, right? The spring cleaning sort of things. Dusting the top of the fridge. The inside doors. Window sills. Cleaning the electrical outlet covers. <– Be VERY careful if it occurs to you to do this type of OCD task.

Scatteredness does not apply only to housework. My hobbies and fun things suffer because I am working on many things and things of different kinds. Our family room and my office are full of these things I am doing. THEN, I started a whole new thing last month, which I figured could be the final straw for hubby. Not so. In fact, he offered to build me a table that I designed for the deck to grow my herbs & flowers on. He is the best!

You may have noticed that scatteredness has affected my writing as well. I have resorted to using spreadsheets to keep characters, personalities & facts together. Because I discovered I had edited butchered the story severely, and I needed to start over. In fact, I plan to start at the end and outline my way to the beginning. Those of you who are writers may want to follow this process. Suggestions will be welcomed, considering this is a new technique for me. When I outline the start to the end, I have a lot of trouble. Mostly I get stuck because I have not figured out the ending yet.

May 19, 2019

Oh hey! Get this – it is snowing big heavy flakes right now. So, the dogwoods don’t know what’s happening any more than anyone else. I knew it!

The latest weather update is that we will get snow until morning. We will find out tomorrow. Either way, I plan to be sleeping.


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