Lazy & Useless Are We

Camp Gma took the day off today, and Chloe and I finished our Movie Marathon of the Twilight Saga. I disapproved of her watching stuff that had vampires, werewolves, and the like, but I knew she had already seen them all. I had read the books my daughter loaned me. To be honest, I LOVED the stories. They are original and about modern-day teenagers.

I made the mistake of watching the first one with her. Prime Video had the whole series available, free, for prime users. I discovered this while searching for the 2nd film of the 5 part series. I decided to watch #2 because I got a little crush on the boy who was also trying to woo Bella. NOT the dead guy, but the hot kid from the reservation. I have my standards, even in my fantasy world.

Like I said, we finished the marathon. Our youngest camper, Mary, will be here in about an hour. Gma is gonna sneak off and have a mini-nap while she still can.


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