The Dental Saga: A Hard Day’s Night

Hubby went to bed early, so he missed out on The Revenge of the Sock Monkey and other tales of horror. If you can’t handle gross or horror kinds of movies, you may want to skip this episode in the saga

Revenge of the Sock Monkey:
My grandma had a knit one that was dark brown with vivid red lips that streched across his entire face. That was the face I saw when I changed out bloody gauze and forgot about vow not to look into a mirror tonight.

Coloring different, but same face.

Monkey at least had some cuteness going for him. Not so for me. The swelling was from the bottom of my forehead to my neck. The brusing was dark brown to brown – except for my lips. They were dark brownish-red, with a blackish tone. AND they stretched ear to ear. My chin was not there at all.

The revenge part is that I hated my grandma’s monkey. It somehow had an evil expression and I ignored it. Now I have it’s face. To add to the horror that my lips were swollen and stretched across my face, was the blood.that continually seeped from my mouth. Because I could not open my lips or mouth enough to spit, I carried a paper towel with me. This was not the worst part of the night, even.

Attack of the Sinuses:
My sinus cavity(s) usually clogs up at night. But tonight, after the pain meds began to work, I decided to carefully try and blow my nose. A few gentle blows and I got some bloody mucus out of there. Same went for the other nostril. At least, I accomplished something, right?

Maybe 20 minutes later, my right sinus needs emptying. I tried to blow softly, but it was not enough to dislodge what was in there. A stronger blow unleashed a bloodclot. The next one burst a huge blood bubble and the amount of blood amazed me. There was still more in there. It took many more blows to extract a long rope of blood and tissue. Yuk. Then it broke free and I could breath air through there again.

The amount of blood frightened me. I was afraid my sinus floor had been pierced. It’s dark and you’re alone, and I consider that if I’m the only one awake, I’m alone. The imagination has a field day (night.), if you allow it to. I turned on a couple more lights and made sure blood had not spattered on my lounge chair or the carpet. Only my jammies and my blanket, and myself. My kleenex trash can (using empty tissue box to put used ones in), was overflowing with drenched and bloody tissues. When I began to smell blood, I tossed the entire box into the kitchen trash can. No smell whiffted out of that cupboard – at least to the family room, where I was tucked in tight with my slightly bloodied blanket and the TV remote. For the next hour or so, whatever was on the screen. I watched it with my eyes closed.

Sleep, at last.


One thought on “The Dental Saga: A Hard Day’s Night

  1. I was wondering if you would be able to sleep!? Feeling sad for all that you are going through, I would call you, but I suspect talking is not too fun right now! Take your pain meds and sleep as much as you can! You will get thru this! Love you and Hugs!


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