The Dental Saga: Facing the Truth

I ran out of pain meds last night.

  • Unfortunately, that situation coincided with 3 other situations that I was forced to face.
    • 1. The sock-monkey look is gone. The swelling is much less now, so when I take the dentures out at night my entire face caves in. The thought of hubby seeing me like that makes me want to cry. So I brought out one of my prettiest COVID masks to wear when he is not sleeping.
    • 2. I can’t get the dentures into my mouth right and this is very painful. At my appointment with Doc today, I want him to watch me do it and verify they are in correctly. I am not putting them in so I
    • 3. 400 mg of Advil is doing nothing for the pain. I am quickly turning into the nasty old troll I resemble. I have to refrain from growling at my hubby, who after I told him the Rx was ready for pickup, completely went back to his puzzle. After 20 minutes, I asked him to go to the pharmacy. “Now?” he asks. “I was going to do the errands while you were in your appointment.” He’s getting better about reading me. He decided to run to the pharmacy now and drop off paperwork at the Sherrif’s station on the way back.

OK. I took a pain pill with my “lunch” and now I am going to try and sleep for an hour before I have to get dressed and go to the appointment. The Surgeon prescribed 12 pills (3 days worth). Monday I may have to look for a dealer all over again.

Sigh… The nap never happened and now off I go to Doc’s office. Stay tuned

Doc looked around my mouth and said to continue on as best I could. He and his assistant gave me their cell phone #’s so I could text them If I needed them this weekend. Not only did Doc show me how to put the dentures in, but he addressed the emotional side of all this sudden change. I was reacting to things (Like wearing a mask at home to hide my appearance from hubby, the grumpy, grieving, and emotional behavior that I was dealing with was completely normal and to be expected.

Get that, I’m behaving normally. Never expected that!


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