Dental Saga: Don’t Make Me Laugh


Because my dentures will pop out of my mouth, and believe me, you do not want to see that. This everlasting cold is keeping me wheezing and coughing. These are also hazardous to my new choppers.

Most of the swelling in my face has dissipated. Now I am having trouble keeping them in at all. I promised my dentist that I would at least wear the upper one a few hours a day. I must get my jaw used to them, he said. Yesterday I sucked it up and glued it with extra Polygrip. Gravity was not my friend. I added some more glue and held it in place for 3 minutes. When they finally stayed in, I realized they had slipped off-center and hung crooked. Of course, they were now going to stay adhered to my jaw, so I left them as they were. At least the presence of teeth kept my lip from caving in, so I could lose the mask for a while.

Well, it took 10 minutes today to get my teeth to stick. I hate looking at them – probably because they don’t even resemble the teeth I once had. But these are only the 1st draft teeth – just for cosmetic reasons. So I keep forcing them in every day. And keeping myself busy with small projects to take my mind off my aching gums and jaw. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my primary doctor. It is a routine appointment that I would cancel if I didn’t suspect I have walking pneumonia. I should have gotten over this cold a month ago.

No new noteworthy developments going on here. Just the same ol’ test blood sugars, have Glucerna for a meal, then take a nap. Yawn.


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