No, smarty pants, this isn’t a guest post. It’s me. Trying to clean up my language because I can’t afford a $12,000 fine. Not many people can.

But, that was last weeks game.

Our beloved Kap, I only revert to his nickname because I can’t remember how to spell Kaepernick most of the time, did not yell any naughty words. At least that the referee’s heard, anyway.

However, his team became unruly in the second half. I could not believe my eyes! Rookies and veterans alike. Blatantly breaking rules. Dare I say it? We were playing like Falcons and the Raiders used to.

Sure. The second half turned sour (again) after leading in the first. The Cardinals were fired up and making points. We caused our losses in yardage and field position. The refs called us on everything and anything they could. We practically asked for it. We made it so easy for the Cardinal’s to beat us, that my head keeps shaking in disbelief.

It came to me then, the real cause of all this trouble. Voo-Doo. Plain and simple. Somebody, probably up near Seattle, has little 49er dolls and while the 49ers play, this dastardly somebody, throws little yellow flags at them, making them commit penalties. They can’t help themselves against these evil forces.

Shouldn’t we tell the authorities about this?  The word needs to get to Coach Harbaugh and the NFL, so they can investigate and track down these nefarious voo-dooers, before the team completely looses their reputation.  Black Magic has to be the reason the guys are not themselves out there.


Because the alternative means calling an Exorcist.

Kaepernick Makes a Run For It


Gotta LOVE The New Guys!

49er-logo   This season will be talked about for years…

The SF 49er’s returning veterans, along with the talented athletes joining us this year, will be out-classing every team on the play schedule. And that is coming directly from the gal who said in Sept. 2012 – “……. Super Bowl!”

We exploded all over the San Diego Chargers last night, beating them by 28 points. There were many unbelievable plays, by the newest 49ers. You know, the ones that leave you with your mouth wide open saying “WHAT the Hell just happened!?!” The commentators replay them from all angles so you can maybe figure it out, but you are already clapping, pumping your fist, or doing a happy dance because the 49er’s scored more points. This is way more important than if we understand how they did it.

Let Coach Harbaugh worry about that.



Was That a Real 49er Game?

I wasn’t expecting this – it didn’t even feel like football.  49er-logo

Now I’ve been in the mood for football for months. This week I have worn all of my 49er shirts. Today I was so jazzed about tonight’s game that I reminded everyone I dealt with while running errands in town to watch it.  Most people had no clue pre-season was even starting and I was happy to fill them in.

Then, as I watched the game, it didn’t feel real to me. Something wasn’t right, maybe a few things even. Get this – I was more bothered by the fact it didn’t feel like football, then watching Denver beat us.

See what I mean? That is not me.

I planned to post about tonight’s game, but I didn’t have anything interesting to say. I’m staring at the blank “New Post” form, uninspired. And then, as if a lightening bolt zapped my brain, I FIGURED IT OUT!  It’s not often that I am struck by sudden insight (or lightening), so I had to take a break and do a little happy dance, then get myself a soda before returning to my blank post and telling y’all about it.  😉

Reasons tonight’s game did not feel right:

  1. Who are those people?  The only player’s I knew played in the 1st possession. Then they left the field and strangers came on. I knew there were new player’s and rookies coming aboard, that happens every year. I don’t remember so many new names and faces all at once. Am I getting old, or are we firing more people in the off-season?
  2. What happened to Coach?  He looks like Jim Harbaugh, but he’s either been swapped out by aliens or put on some serious medication.
  3. Where are the fans?  Have the stadium folks started selling the Candlestick Park’s seats already?  So sad to see so many empty spaces…
  4. Film Crew.  Someone please tell the cameraman that he’s supposed to be filming the game and not the cheerleaders. This must be pre-season for cheerleaders also – there were so freaking many of them.
  5. Peyton Manning.  If I wanted to constantly see all his stats, interviews and re-winded plays, I’d be a Bronco’s fan.

Whew! I feel better now. Thanks for listening.  🙂