Gotta LOVE The New Guys!

49er-logo   This season will be talked about for years…

The SF 49er’s returning veterans, along with the talented athletes joining us this year, will be out-classing every team on the play schedule. And that is coming directly from the gal who said in Sept. 2012 – “……. Super Bowl!”

We exploded all over the San Diego Chargers last night, beating them by 28 points. There were many unbelievable plays, by the newest 49ers. You know, the ones that leave you with your mouth wide open saying “WHAT the Hell just happened!?!” The commentators replay them from all angles so you can maybe figure it out, but you are already clapping, pumping your fist, or doing a happy dance because the 49er’s scored more points. This is way more important than if we understand how they did it.

Let Coach Harbaugh worry about that.