Songs Touching My Soul

Writing 101: Day Three – Commit to a writing practice
Today, celebrate three songs that are significant to you. For your twist, write for fifteen minutes without stopping — and build a writing habit.

Someone Saved my Life Tonight – Elton John
This song immediately takes me back to my cousin’s basement in Missouri where the summer nights were muggy and I spent too much time, while my BFF was working or on dates, being lovelorn and brooding. Well, I was a teenager back then, so melancholy was my middle name. I wanted someone to save me – from myself. I was lonely and incomplete, more than not, those days. Where was Tom Cruise when I needed him?

Breathe (2am) Anna Nalick
Her lyrics, “in my diary out loud” reminds me of blogging. We put ourselves out there, for better or worse. Our readers will take what they want from it, if anything. And we can’t go back to fix things, we must move forward or be stuck. Her chorus with “Just Breathe…” helps me to unwind and let go of my ‘baggage’. Live in the present. How much of live have I already missed because I wasn’t living in the present?

When I’m Back on My Feet Again – Michael Bolton
This song, from the first time I heard it, to today, makes me cry. I don’t know what Michael Bolton meant when he sang it, but to me the song portrays a person fighting addiction and wanting to live life happily instead of being under a burden of guilt and shame.

“Feel the sweet light of heaven, shinning down on me” speaks of no longer having to hide in the darkness, covering up lies and secrets. “Some sweet day, some sweet day, I will feel it” is the hope and determination to win this fight, and wrestle his soul back from addictions grip.

And that day, my friend, is sweet indeed 🙂

I’d love to hear what YOU, dear reader, feel when you hear these songs!



The Can of Worms I Opened

BlueEyeCrying Wow!
Women really hate the third #1 of ‘The Man Rules’. [Please remember that I did not write this list – some guy did…]

I received comments ranging from ‘men need to learn the difference between real and crocodile tears’, to the scientific explanation of differences in the crying reflex in men and women.

Otherwise, most of the woman AND men thought the Man Rules list was accurate – as did I.

Thank you to everyone who responded  🙂   I now have input for “The Woman Rules” – #1 will express our feelings about crying! BTW, The Woman Rules will be in a properly formatted sequentially numbered list. These rules will not be shouted by using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

Please submit your thoughts on other ‘rules’ that women generally live by. I am drawing a blank here, people!

Thanks in Advance!!


First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes…

We just returned home from a weekend spent hanging with my best friend from grammar-school whose son got married at a quaint little Inn in Novato, CA. We got to catch up with my girlfriend’s family and friends, get away from our routine and ‘party’.

The timing was perfect. A big wedding week-end to get us in that wedding  frame of mind (OK, probably just me, and not hubby), before we head off Friday night to Mexico. We will be celebrating 25-years of married bliss at a couples-only resort in Cancun.

I’m excited about this trip. And nervous. I never stayed in Mexico before, but I’ve heard wonderful things about the resorts there. It’s just that hubby and I often have ‘adventures’ when we travel. You know, the kind that are annoying at first, then you are laughing about them later? Sometimes much later? That sort of thing happens to us all the time. It’s spooky.

The point of post (finally!) is that this week on Not Pretending (to be sane), in honor of my 25th wedding anniversary next week I will be posting about love, dating, weddings, marriage, romance and all that mushy stuff.  UnknownCouple

Since I already know my stories, I would love for you, dearest readers, to send me one of your humorous stories or anecdotes, about your experience with love and romance, etc. The ones I like the most I will publish as “guest posts” while I am away.

Sound like fun?  I will even make it super easy for you to send me one…

Thanks to all of you,




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