The Can of Worms I Opened

BlueEyeCrying Wow!
Women really hate the third #1 of ‘The Man Rules’. [Please remember that I did not write this list – some guy did…]

I received comments ranging from ‘men need to learn the difference between real and crocodile tears’, to the scientific explanation of differences in the crying reflex in men and women.

Otherwise, most of the woman AND men thought the Man Rules list was accurate – as did I.

Thank you to everyone who responded  🙂   I now have input for “The Woman Rules” – #1 will express our feelings about crying! BTW, The Woman Rules will be in a properly formatted sequentially numbered list. These rules will not be shouted by using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

Please submit your thoughts on other ‘rules’ that women generally live by. I am drawing a blank here, people!

Thanks in Advance!!


2 thoughts on “The Can of Worms I Opened

  1. I knew that 🙂 I even thought about removing it because crying never worked for me. I’m glad I didn’t though – it sure got a rise out of some of my readers!


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