Letting Go

 It was insanely hard to let go and this surprised me.  I managed to keep editing and tweaking this week, terrified to send my “firstborn” out into the world.  

Is she ready?  Is she good enough?  Most likely yes.  It is I who is a nervous wreck.  Especially when I had technical difficulties when sending my child away from home.  I’m waiting for a reply from the submissions people as I write this.

This week I barely got any sleep, so ignore the goofy one holding the binder!

It is FINISHED.  Good, Bad, or Indifferent.  I will keep you updated with the “Involuntary Tourist”s status as it emerges into the real world. 

Oh, and my URL (the Http:// part of this site) will be changing.  I have my own domain now. This blogsite will soon be at ‘JodiLeasPlace.blog’.  Cool, huh?

Yawn!  It’s nap time, people.  I must store up some energy for my Happy Dance. He He


Chapter 3 (Through the Door)

We left our heroine (now named Chloë) protesting doctors orders before staying with Travis (a.k.a. “Mr. Perfect”)…  TravisRichardson-BW

Chapter Three

He actually blushed. Was he thinking about sex? She never knew what guys really thought, only that they never thought what she thought they were.

Doc cleared his throat to get their attention. “So… what’s it gonna be?”

Before he could answer, she asked Doc if he could give her a ride to town.

“I don’t think you’re up to the trip, my dear,” Doc said, “its 50 miles of mountain roads to contend with and some are pretty treacherous.”

“I’ll deal with it,” she said. Looking directly at Travis.

“I couldn’t in good conscience let you go,” he said to her. “I know your accident was my fault. And besides, my pants won’t fit you.”

The flash of his dimple was the convincer. Dammit!  She was such a sap. Continue reading “Chapter 3 (Through the Door)”

No Form Submissions = No Complaints

At first I didn’t complete Part 2 of last weeks Weekly Writing Challenge: Forms because I only had two readers respond to my form requesting comments on Chapters one and two of my Through the Door story. One was an accident (they thought it was another story), and the other was my daughter, who gave me a fabulous thumbs up, by the way:

Did you notice the main characters were not named? Yes
What should their names be? Robert and Chloë
What do you like in the story? descriptions, and dialogue
What do you NOT like in the story? WAITING!!!
Who are you? (name, blog URL, alias…) Your favorite Daughter….

Another 100 or so submissions like this one and I would be doing a happy dance.

Alas, there is no dancing.   NoDancingSign-cropped

Am I disappointed?  Sure.  Am I devastated?  No.

There are a million reasons people don’t take the time to submit a survey. I get that.  Because I LOVE my readers, followers and family, I forgive your non-participation, and I will assume your reasons were legitimate. Reasons like – You love the story, but…

  • You read very slow.
  • You forgot to pay your internet provider.
  • You misplaced your laptop/iPad/Kindle/iPhone…
  • The hospital you’re in banned WiFi.
  • Stomach flu (can’t get your head out of the pot?).
  • What you want to say is best not said on the internet.
  • You follow so many blogs that you can’t possibly respond to them all.

I have several long-time readers that would probably call me on a shoddy story (see my favorites list), so… I must believe that those who read the draft it are happy with it.

Am I right?   <— Don’t answer that!  Ha.  Like you would anyway…  😉
photo credit: zyphichore via photopin cc