Letting Go

 It was insanely hard to let go and this surprised me.  I managed to keep editing and tweaking this week, terrified to send my “firstborn” out into the world.  

Is she ready?  Is she good enough?  Most likely yes.  It is I who is a nervous wreck.  Especially when I had technical difficulties when sending my child away from home.  I’m waiting for a reply from the submissions people as I write this.

This week I barely got any sleep, so ignore the goofy one holding the binder!

It is FINISHED.  Good, Bad, or Indifferent.  I will keep you updated with the “Involuntary Tourist”s status as it emerges into the real world. 

Oh, and my URL (the Http:// part of this site) will be changing.  I have my own domain now. This blogsite will soon be at ‘JodiLeasPlace.blog’.  Cool, huh?

Yawn!  It’s nap time, people.  I must store up some energy for my Happy Dance. He He


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