Top 10 Goals (of a Mad Woman)


Last night I said I did not make New Year’s Resolutions. I do, however, write down goals for the year and try to meet them. There is a difference between the two.

  1. Stop procrastinating the things I want to do, to get chores done. I will try to procrastinate doing chores (even though messiness drives me nuts) – so I can write, read, sew, knit, crochet when I want to. Guilt free.
  2. Participate in Postaday2013 – you know there will be one. And I love entertaining my victims readers  ♥
  3. Select a new and more professional theme for my blog. Or a more silly one. It depends on how goofy I get before midnight  😉
  4. In the spring, I will bury the ashes of my beloved Mother, and dog Molly. No, not mixed together!  But I thought about it.
  5. Follow my Doctor’s “suggestion” to: “Find a good therapist”.  My Doctor just met me and already he has figured out I’m “not right”.  [I figure he is an exceptional diagnostician, but way, WAY nicer than Gregory House.  Like who isn’t?]
  6. Keep reminding myself of #1. Especially the “guilt free” part.
  7. Start meditating again. I am wound tighter than a little travel alarm clock that jitter-bugs across the end table and takes a nose-dive to the floor because it can’t stop going until it’s finished.
  8. Try Yoga for exercise since I can’t walk on water – even when it’s frozen.
  9. Keep asking hubby to vacuum for me because when a man picks out a vacuum cleaner, it serves him right.
  10. I want to complete my last will and testament. People in my family don’t live very long, ya know.




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A New Perspective

Today is New Year’s Day. I refuse to make a list of resolutions. I disappoint myself when I do not execute them perfectly, and I have enough trouble thwarting depression as it is – I don’t need to set myself up.

I would like to begin 2011 not bogged down with guilt. Guilt for not being as organized, as adventurous, as fearless, as intelligent, as fabulous and as gorgeous -as I want to be.  I want to be content and accepting of myself. I am tired of never being good enough.

If you don’t get what I’m talking about – then you are blessed. You probably don’t need a therapist, or a support group either. I would hate you, except I am too exhausted from hating myself.

Oops – did I say that out loud?  On the Internet?

Last year I would have erased this revelation, or deleted the entire post. This year I will give myself  permission to be flawed. I will accept my imperfectness. No more pretending to be sane, or otherwise, for the sake of appearances.

Hmmm. That sounds familiar…