Not Just Any Job

Deja Vu: Originally posted  on Feb. 3rd, 2011

I have had my share of jobs. Nothing I wanted to keep as a career, but I needed the money. I have done fast-food, bookkeeping, alarm monitoring (yawn), receptionist & clerical work. One of my favorite’s was working for an answering service & towing dispatch. I am glad I moved on before technology eliminated it with the cell phone. And yes, I am that old.

I like the kind of work I do now. My position description is:  “Senior Computer Support Technologist”. It is a Government job classification, so it doesn’t tell you anything. What I do is provide tech support for my organization, and outside users of our system.  It’s a customer support job.

Most people would hate working in customer support.  Having a job no one wants is nice. It keeps me from worrying about backstabbing bitches & getting laid off. But enough about my current job…

Top Ten Jobs I Would Leave Mine For:

  1. Stephen King’s Assistant
  2. Write a syndicated column for a major newspaper
  3. Publish my novel(s) and hit the Best Seller’s List
  4. Work for a Bernese Mountain Dog breeder as a “Puppy Entertainer”
  5. Join the Blue Collar Comedy Tour
  6. Stephen King’s Assistant (did I already say that?)
  7. Professional Sleep Number Bed Tester (think of the naps!)
  8. Guest appearance on Leverage
  9. Cast in a movie with Sam Elliot
  10. Work with the writers for The Late Show’s Top Ten List

P.S. Please don’t tell my boss!

OK, Whose Idea Was This?

Leverage S4 Premiere
The long-awaited Season Premiere of  Leverage was a big disappointment. The story was interesting and unique. The acting was superb as always. The problem was the location.
The story takes place on a snow-covered mountain. What’s wrong with that? Oh let me count the ways…..
  • Everyone has to dress in 4 layers of clothing, hats, gloves, etc.
  • You can only tell Eliot and Parker apart by the long blond hair hanging out of her head coverings.
  • Not once did we see any muscles.
  • Not once did we see Eliot beat up somebody.

They had better get with the program or the Kaniacs may revolt.

Oh and Happy Birthday to Christian Kane today!


Life is Good!

Christain Kane as Eliott Spencer (Leverage)
Eliot Spencer

Just when you think life is becoming dull, you realize it’s June 26th!

The long-awaited Season Premiere of  Leverage is tonight. Of course I have the DVR set to capture the show because it airs past my bedtime. And yes, I admit that I must watch the good parts over and over again. Oh…. If my poor heart can take it…

What good parts?” you ask.  Obviously you have not seen Eliot in action. My violent streak, that I never knew I had before, lives for this show. Sometimes I ask myself “what is going on with me?” I did not used to be like this. No time to analyze this now because…

If that was not enough, True Blood also premieres tonight. This will be recorded because I don’t watch it alone. Not that it’s too scary, but it’s not fun to watch it without my daughter. She’s the one that got me hooked on the crazy show in the first place. Because she does not have HBO, she has to come to my house and bring her daughters with her. A win-win for grandma.

The girls do NOT get to watch the show (in case you were worried). Hell, I can barely watch the naughty thing myself! I wouldn’t watch it normally, but I’ve just got to know what happens next. I’m still trying to figure out if Sookie is adventurous and brave, or really really stupid.

Until next time 🙂