Not Just Any Job

Deja Vu: Originally posted  on Feb. 3rd, 2011

I have had my share of jobs. Nothing I wanted to keep as a career, but I needed the money. I have done fast-food, bookkeeping, alarm monitoring (yawn), receptionist & clerical work. One of my favorite’s was working for an answering service & towing dispatch. I am glad I moved on before technology eliminated it with the cell phone. And yes, I am that old.

I like the kind of work I do now. My position description is:  “Senior Computer Support Technologist”. It is a Government job classification, so it doesn’t tell you anything. What I do is provide tech support for my organization, and outside users of our system.  It’s a customer support job.

Most people would hate working in customer support.  Having a job no one wants is nice. It keeps me from worrying about backstabbing bitches & getting laid off. But enough about my current job…

Top Ten Jobs I Would Leave Mine For:

  1. Stephen King’s Assistant
  2. Write a syndicated column for a major newspaper
  3. Publish my novel(s) and hit the Best Seller’s List
  4. Work for a Bernese Mountain Dog breeder as a “Puppy Entertainer”
  5. Join the Blue Collar Comedy Tour
  6. Stephen King’s Assistant (did I already say that?)
  7. Professional Sleep Number Bed Tester (think of the naps!)
  8. Guest appearance on Leverage
  9. Cast in a movie with Sam Elliot
  10. Work with the writers for The Late Show’s Top Ten List

P.S. Please don’t tell my boss!

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