Life is Good!

Christain Kane as Eliott Spencer (Leverage)
Eliot Spencer

Just when you think life is becoming dull, you realize it’s June 26th!

The long-awaited Season Premiere of  Leverage is tonight. Of course I have the DVR set to capture the show because it airs past my bedtime. And yes, I admit that I must watch the good parts over and over again. Oh…. If my poor heart can take it…

What good parts?” you ask.  Obviously you have not seen Eliot in action. My violent streak, that I never knew I had before, lives for this show. Sometimes I ask myself “what is going on with me?” I did not used to be like this. No time to analyze this now because…

If that was not enough, True Blood also premieres tonight. This will be recorded because I don’t watch it alone. Not that it’s too scary, but it’s not fun to watch it without my daughter. She’s the one that got me hooked on the crazy show in the first place. Because she does not have HBO, she has to come to my house and bring her daughters with her. A win-win for grandma.

The girls do NOT get to watch the show (in case you were worried). Hell, I can barely watch the naughty thing myself! I wouldn’t watch it normally, but I’ve just got to know what happens next. I’m still trying to figure out if Sookie is adventurous and brave, or really really stupid.

Until next time 🙂