What Makes YOU Happy?

Happiness does not come from people, places, or things. So before you get ready to argue with me, let me explain…

Many things make people happy. Pleasant surprises, good news, your favorite food for dinner, looking forward to seeing family & friends. Grandchildren. Being successful. Happy is a great thing, but it is temporary most of the time.

Why Can’t I Have Both?

Your world returns to normal and routine again before you know it. Now you have happy memories, like movies to play in your head. Maybe you took videos and can play memories on a device. I usually don’t because when I’m involved with something, I tend to forget about photos until it is over and too late. My friends, who are grandma’s, think it is absolutely horrid because I don’t take a ton of pictures and videos. But, hey, I’m too busy having fun with my grandkids to be their lead photographer. Why doesn’t hubby take photos? He is taller, his hands are steadier, and he’s not stuck in the kitchen half the day.

I will stop there. I can tell there is an underlying rant stirring up. Did you notice?

Dennis Miller
The Master Ranter

Rants that bubble up out of nowhere when you are talking about something different can be the best ones. However, today is not the day to rant because I want to focus on things that make me happy. So for those who enjoy focusing on peeves and annoyances, don’t worry. Your day will come. Perhaps sooner than we think.

So – whether you use your fingers to count, write up a list, or make notes on your phone, get comfy and close your eyes a minute and focus on things that make you smile, laugh, feel all warm and tingly, make your day, give you sudden emotions (click here for definition). Not the BIG ticket items or philosophically deep things. More of every day and silly things that make your life enjoyable and more fun.

  • Things that make me happy:
    • wearing pajamas
    • hearing kids giggle
    • when my dog hugs me
    • a mug of hot coffee
    • watching snow fall
    • hubby holding my hand
    • writing
    • dancing
    • rock

OK. I told you some of mine. Please share some of yours in the comments! When you comment, I know you are out there, and that makes me very happy 🙂


Spring Cleaning: The Big Fat List

You may or may not remember that I mentioned a list with chores that I wanted to get done. In fact, I stated, “I am writing a list of unclean things that are grossing me out.” Easy to put things on the list. Checking them off is complicated when you devote 2-3 hours a day working on something. Making progress is great, but I can’t cross the thing off the list until all of it is completed. So I had to make sub-lists of all the items on the big, fat list. That way I can check stuff off a lot.

“Another plan?”, you ask. Sort of. It is important that I don’t over-do and stress myself into feeling overwhelmed, like every other year. I am trying to pace myself. After all, I live here and I can clean whatever I want, when I want (almost). There is a deadline for the guest rooms to get uncluttered and cleaned well. I will be highly motivated to get those rooms acceptable.

I scanned my list and posted it. Maybe there are people who would like to see if it works for them. I hope it does, and I hope I’m one of those people. Please forgive the penmanship. I almost typed it up, but I stopped myself in time.

Try not to laugh too hard. The list will grow as I find things not on there now. Blah!


My Demented Bucket List

bucket I have not written a ‘real’ bucket list because, well… I’m not that old yet…

However, when Matticus invites you to play a game, you really should play. Because you will have fun. For my dear readers who are curious, but need more motivation –>How about; BECAUSE I SAID SO!!  (It always worked for my mother.)

Another famous blogger I follow, Rarasaur, is experiencing a horrible demented bucket list now. This bucket list game is in her honor, as well as attempting to cheer her up.

There is some crazy stuff that only in a demented state would I even imagine such things could happen (to me).  And I have a very comprehensive imagination – BTW.

My Demented Bucket List

  • Was in a major car accident involving a semi-truck rear-ending a Pinto at 50 mph.
  • We (me and 3 cousins) were rescued by good Samaritan’s who pulled us out the front windows because the back seat had wrapped around the front doors, and the gas tank tore open and gasoline was running down the highway.
  • Was able to pay for 2 semesters of college with settlement money, but still have trouble with my C-5 (vertebrae).
  • I warmed up with the 49ers, on their field at Candlestick Park, one Sunday, pre-game.
  • Kicked a field goal perfectly centered between the posts, and 1 measly inch lower than the crossbar. The referee would not give me a do-over. The Bastard!
  • Heard a packed stadium moan “Awww!” in unison. Because of me.
  • Being read my “rights” by police.
  • Experiencing the “good cop, bad cop” thing live, and not on TV.
  • Being grateful to the DA for deciding not to prosecute an idiot who was too stupid to realize she committed a felony.  Duh.
  • Proofreading a post and getting the “No writing errors were found”

Well, that’s it for now.  I need to get back to reading other people’s dented bucket lists to cheer myself up.

Hang in there, Queen Raur!



photo credit: christing-O- via photopin cc