Spring Cleaning: The Big Fat List

You may or may not remember that I mentioned a list with chores that I wanted to get done. In fact, I stated, “I am writing a list of unclean things that are grossing me out.” Easy to put things on the list. Checking them off is complicated when you devote 2-3 hours a day working on something. Making progress is great, but I can’t cross the thing off the list until all of it is completed. So I had to make sub-lists of all the items on the big, fat list. That way I can check stuff off a lot.

“Another plan?”, you ask. Sort of. It is important that I don’t over-do and stress myself into feeling overwhelmed, like every other year. I am trying to pace myself. After all, I live here and I can clean whatever I want, when I want (almost). There is a deadline for the guest rooms to get uncluttered and cleaned well. I will be highly motivated to get those rooms acceptable.

I scanned my list and posted it. Maybe there are people who would like to see if it works for them. I hope it does, and I hope I’m one of those people. Please forgive the penmanship. I almost typed it up, but I stopped myself in time.

Try not to laugh too hard. The list will grow as I find things not on there now. Blah!