My Demented Bucket List

bucket I have not written a ‘real’ bucket list because, well… I’m not that old yet…

However, when Matticus invites you to play a game, you really should play. Because you will have fun. For my dear readers who are curious, but need more motivation –>How about; BECAUSE I SAID SO!!  (It always worked for my mother.)

Another famous blogger I follow, Rarasaur, is experiencing a horrible demented bucket list now. This bucket list game is in her honor, as well as attempting to cheer her up.

There is some crazy stuff that only in a demented state would I even imagine such things could happen (to me).  And I have a very comprehensive imagination – BTW.

My Demented Bucket List

  • Was in a major car accident involving a semi-truck rear-ending a Pinto at 50 mph.
  • We (me and 3 cousins) were rescued by good Samaritan’s who pulled us out the front windows because the back seat had wrapped around the front doors, and the gas tank tore open and gasoline was running down the highway.
  • Was able to pay for 2 semesters of college with settlement money, but still have trouble with my C-5 (vertebrae).
  • I warmed up with the 49ers, on their field at Candlestick Park, one Sunday, pre-game.
  • Kicked a field goal perfectly centered between the posts, and 1 measly inch lower than the crossbar. The referee would not give me a do-over. The Bastard!
  • Heard a packed stadium moan “Awww!” in unison. Because of me.
  • Being read my “rights” by police.
  • Experiencing the “good cop, bad cop” thing live, and not on TV.
  • Being grateful to the DA for deciding not to prosecute an idiot who was too stupid to realize she committed a felony.  Duh.
  • Proofreading a post and getting the “No writing errors were found”

Well, that’s it for now.  I need to get back to reading other people’s dented bucket lists to cheer myself up.

Hang in there, Queen Raur!



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5 thoughts on “My Demented Bucket List

  1. that is a bucket list? I always thought a bucket list included things you would like to do before the inevitable happens!


    1. Thats because this list is demented & not about stuff I want to happen, but it’s stuff that has already happened that I never imagined could happen. To me…


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