Why Can’t I Stop Eating?

June 15th, 2011: Day 27

Dear Diary,

I lost the crown on my upper-right molar while eating a chocolate candy. Don’t tell my dentist, but it was a chewy candy and it must have pulled the crown off. Sigh… This makes the 8th time this year that I am carrying around a baggie in my purse. With part of a tooth in it.

I’m pretty sure the molar in question is my sweet-tooth. Now released from its gold prison the silly tooth is ready to party. I gained 3 pounds just this afternoon! Would my dentist consider this an emergency,  like I do?  Doubtful.  He cares about my dental health, not how much I weigh.

I booked an appointment  this Friday, 2 whole days. Then Doc can cover the damned tooth and I can get on with my life.

By my calculations I will weigh 10 more pounds than I do today. Please do not tell me “have some willpower for Pete’s sake”, or some other meaningful advice.

Addiction overrules Willpower, Don’t cha know?

Things They Don’t Tell You About Quitting Smoking


June 11th, 2011: Day 23

Just mention that you’re thinking about quitting smoking and you are bombarded with information. My HMO has many pamphlets, seminars, classes and group therapy at my disposal.  However, they don’t cover everything. I don’t know if it’s oversight or their way of protecting you.

Regardless, these are a few of the little things that I have discovered along the way…

  1. When you remove yesterdays  nicotine patch, in its place there is a red-ish square outlined by dirty glue. This makes it easy to follow the instructions “place next patch in a different area on your skin”. In fact, you will not put a patch back on that area for a week because the glue outline remains there after daily showers and soap. Only Mary Kay Sugar Scrub and exfoliating gloves will get this crap off.
  2. The first week you are full of energy, so get as much done as you possibly can. Weeks 2 and 3 you are exhausted and too mentally unbalanced to get anything done.
  3. Do not expect people to notice you. Do not take this personally.  Not smoking is very much on your mind, but  no one else is thinking about it.
  4. Avoid airports. As you wait in the security line and then at the gate 1.5 hours before your flight, you will hear it at least 27 times. “Blah blah blah…There is no smoking inside the terminal… blah blah blah”. Thank you so much for reminding me I can’t smoke. Over and over and over. It’s torture.

That’s all I can think of now. There are more things I’ve learned, but the forgetfulness has kidnapped my brain again.


Diary of an Addict: Obey The Signs

June 10th, 2011: Day 22

Dear Diary,

I have a new mission. It popped into my head while I was putting together our dinner this evening. I just love when that happens!

I decided to stop, at least most of,  my whining. It only feeds my dark emotional state and I am bored with it.  Instead, I plan to pass along useful information about nicotine addiction. At least until another mission comes along. Who knows? I may actually help somebody!

I found these signs interesting and thought I would share them.

Typo - or is it?
Sign of the Future?