Why Can’t I Stop Eating?

June 15th, 2011: Day 27

Dear Diary,

I lost the crown on my upper-right molar while eating a chocolate candy. Don’t tell my dentist, but it was a chewy candy and it must have pulled the crown off. Sigh… This makes the 8th time this year that I am carrying around a baggie in my purse. With part of a tooth in it.

I’m pretty sure the molar in question is my sweet-tooth. Now released from its gold prison the silly tooth is ready to party. I gained 3 pounds just this afternoon! Would my dentist consider this an emergency,  like I do?  Doubtful.  He cares about my dental health, not how much I weigh.

I booked an appointment  this Friday, 2 whole days. Then Doc can cover the damned tooth and I can get on with my life.

By my calculations I will weigh 10 more pounds than I do today. Please do not tell me “have some willpower for Pete’s sake”, or some other meaningful advice.

Addiction overrules Willpower, Don’t cha know?

6 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Stop Eating?

  1. Hey!!! Way to go girl!!! I didn’t know you were battling the bitch but I am so proud of you. I’ve been waiting to hear from you, you know, for that loooong gab session. Might be time! I miss you something awful!


  2. Very funny, sorry you lost your crown! Have a good day at the dentist on friday! Love ya, proud to have you as my sis!


    1. No. I should have chosen the butter cream out of my Sampler instead of that hard toffee one. To be worth $500, it wouldn’t be sugar-free either 🙂


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