Strong is the New Pretty

I received a gift from my Mary Kay group leader, a notebook with the saying “Strong is the New Pretty” boldly on the softcover.

Who am I to argue with that?   It is a cute purse-sized journal too.  She probably does not know I am an addict.  Stationery, notebooks, binders, journals, daytimers. Wonderfully blank pages I need to fill in.  I have worsened with age, and now I am always looking for the perfect pen to write with, which is not yet available to purchase in a store.  The closest pens I found to fitting comfortably in my hand and help me to write neatly and smoothly, are at my Subaru Service Department.  I used to be able to steal one or two every six months when I had maintenance done on my car.  Alas, the last time I went in, they did not have the pens set out in cups (damn COVID-19!)

I am seriously considering showing up and asking them if I could buy some pens.  I am pretty close to being desperate enough to embarrass myself.  Stay tuned.  My Subaru is going to be due for maintenance soon – who knows what will happen…

However, this post is not about my addictions or preferences.  It is about the statement, “Strong is the New Pretty”  – what exactly is the meaning behind that?  Is it a woman who has inner strength is attractive (a.k.a. “pretty”)?  Does it mean muscular women are more attractive these days?  Is the old pretty no longer valid?

I am surely overthinking this.  But I would like to know where this quote originated from.  I want to know what they were thinking.  I hope one of my dear readers knows something about the new pretty and can clue me (us) in.  Please, don’t be shy and leave a comment!

♥  TTFN  ♥


“Inspiration is not found within, but rather comes from discovering it in others” 

   – Quo

Quo shows Mollie his true appearance to make a point.

So, who is this Quo, you ask.  Why am I quoting him?  Well, Quo is a fictional character in one of my novels.   His assignment is to be a Guardian Angel for the protagonist of said novel.  Anyway, his hobby, one of many,  is famous quotes and sayings. 

Above is his very first, soon to be famous, quote.  He asked me to please spread it around.  Well, actually his very words were, “Get it out there!”  “Mingle it around!”

Now you know about Quo and his soon-to-be-famous quote.  When we are allowed to mingle again I hope that you will help me. 


My-To-do-this-week list:

  • Get More Sleep
  • Persevere your Goals (i.e. get quilting!)
  • FOCUS!
  • Be the Sunshine
  • Love
  • Read the Bible each day
  • Get More Sleep
  • Write letters & make phone calls
  • Prepare for Hubby Appreciation Day (next Thurs)
  • Deliver finished masks for the County
  • Get More Sleep

It seems that Quo may have influenced the author as well as the character.  My original list was much shorter…

♥  TTFN  ♥

Thursday’s Tid-Bits & Giggles

BeginSchoolYear  I found these posters on Facebook by various friends, at various times. Each has either made me giggle or laugh out loud. Who doesn’t need some of that these days?  🙂

We wouldn’t mind if he changed out in the open – would we ladies?