“Inspiration is not found within, but rather comes from discovering it in others” 

   – Quo

Quo shows Mollie his true appearance to make a point.

So, who is this Quo, you ask.  Why am I quoting him?  Well, Quo is a fictional character in one of my novels.   His assignment is to be a Guardian Angel for the protagonist of said novel.  Anyway, his hobby, one of many,  is famous quotes and sayings. 

Above is his very first, soon to be famous, quote.  He asked me to please spread it around.  Well, actually his very words were, “Get it out there!”  “Mingle it around!”

Now you know about Quo and his soon-to-be-famous quote.  When we are allowed to mingle again I hope that you will help me. 


My-To-do-this-week list:

  • Get More Sleep
  • Persevere your Goals (i.e. get quilting!)
  • FOCUS!
  • Be the Sunshine
  • Love
  • Read the Bible each day
  • Get More Sleep
  • Write letters & make phone calls
  • Prepare for Hubby Appreciation Day (next Thurs)
  • Deliver finished masks for the County
  • Get More Sleep

It seems that Quo may have influenced the author as well as the character.  My original list was much shorter…

♥  TTFN  ♥