Strong is the New Pretty

I received a gift from my Mary Kay group leader, a notebook with the saying “Strong is the New Pretty” boldly on the softcover.

Who am I to argue with that?   It is a cute purse-sized journal too.  She probably does not know I am an addict.  Stationery, notebooks, binders, journals, daytimers. Wonderfully blank pages I need to fill in.  I have worsened with age, and now I am always looking for the perfect pen to write with, which is not yet available to purchase in a store.  The closest pens I found to fitting comfortably in my hand and help me to write neatly and smoothly, are at my Subaru Service Department.  I used to be able to steal one or two every six months when I had maintenance done on my car.  Alas, the last time I went in, they did not have the pens set out in cups (damn COVID-19!)

I am seriously considering showing up and asking them if I could buy some pens.  I am pretty close to being desperate enough to embarrass myself.  Stay tuned.  My Subaru is going to be due for maintenance soon – who knows what will happen…

However, this post is not about my addictions or preferences.  It is about the statement, “Strong is the New Pretty”  – what exactly is the meaning behind that?  Is it a woman who has inner strength is attractive (a.k.a. “pretty”)?  Does it mean muscular women are more attractive these days?  Is the old pretty no longer valid?

I am surely overthinking this.  But I would like to know where this quote originated from.  I want to know what they were thinking.  I hope one of my dear readers knows something about the new pretty and can clue me (us) in.  Please, don’t be shy and leave a comment!

♥  TTFN  ♥