A Time Machine Do Over


angel babyI have read A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury and I have seen The Butterfly Effect, so I would not venture into this lightly. However…

If I could spend an hour in another time,  I would go back to August 13th, 2002. The hospital delivery room. And when the doctor asks my daughter “suction or cesarean?”, and she turns to me asking “what should I do, mom?” I would tell her to have the cesarean.

Thereby preventing my first grandchild’s death.

Of course, my daughter may not take my advice. Or the incompetent doctor could botch the surgery. All I know for sure is the suction assisted delivery damaged the baby’s spinal cord – he was too big for my daughter’s pelvis. Something this doctor should have known since they did an ultra-sound that morning before she was admitted.

A senseless, preventable tragedy that only God knows why it had to happen. I am sure he had a reason for it, but dammit, I want to know what the Hell it was! Anyway, to try for a Do Over on Tyler’s birthday, is probably the only thing I would get into a time machine for.