My Million Dollars

Money RollI have often pondered upon this topic [What would you do with a million dollars, tax-free] before today. In fact, hubby and I have pondered this together and came up with a plan of action. No kidding. There is a plan. Now if only we can remember to buy lotto tickets..

The Plan:

  1. Keep mum. We don’t even tell our kids because ex-spouses & other hostiles don’t need to know.
  2. Pay off the mortgage on our retirement home. Put our current house on the market and as soon as it sells, probably at a loss – good thing we have bucks,we move on to #3.
  3. Retire. Think of all the writing I can do without my day-job! Hubby will be in his huge shop puttering and I will have all kinds of time to write.
  4. Invest some of it. Not most of it because only God knows what the market is going to do. Our million maybe safer buried under the big rock.
  5. Help our children out. With paying off student loans, that kind of thing. Things they need. Need being the operative word here. They can work for the stuff they want. We had to.
  6. Spoil the granddaughters. Take them to Disneyland, Hawaii. Of course, I will have to take their parents too. In case I need to “give them back” when they are grumpy.

I realize that my approach to being rich sounds boring to most people. Too bad. I have had all the drama and excitement (a.k.a., stress) that I need in this lifetime.

So bring out my rocking chair, would you dear?