Sext Anyone?


TextingI fantasize about getting some sext. Nothing pornographic. Some romantic flirtations and naughty talk, that’s all I want.

But for this to happen, some Romeo would have to punch in my number by mistake. Or a pervert making crank sexts finds me. The man I want to have sext with, won’t be sexting me anytime soon.

My husband does not know how to text. I have sent him a little sext, but alas, he doesn’t know how to retrieve it.  The man has a college degree. He can repair anything. He could take a phone apart, fix it, and put it back together again, and it would work. But when it comes to actually using a cell-phone, he is a retard.

I know that he could learn to use the features of his cell. He just doesn’t care. He only has the phone because I insisted. As long as the phone will call people and receive calls he is content. Not that he calls – much.

We have lived 500 miles apart for the past 9 months, so sexting might be fun. For some reason this has not occurred to him. Maybe he is enjoying his bachelorhood while he can. It’s been years since he has had the bathroom counter to himself and silence when he gets home from work. Perhaps this is his vacation from me.

At least I am confident he isn’t sexting someone else. Not all wives are so lucky. 😉

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  1. Too bad it’s not the weekend of the 15th – Chloe’s 1st birthday bash is happening that weekend! We should be able to be home that weekend.


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