More Best Words


My sis and I remembered some more of our families hillbilly words and wanted to do a sequel to my Feb 15th post

hootenanny: hooten·anny (ho̵̅o̅t′’n an′ē). noun pl. hootenannies. A meeting of folk singers, as for public entertainment.

curmudgeon: (kər mujən). noun. a surly, ill-mannered, bad-tempered person; cantankerous fellow

tarnation: (tär nās̸hən). noun. It is prevalent among hillbillies to say euphemisms to show anger, such as “tarnation.” It’s a word that’s a substitute for one such as “damnation”. Other examples of euphemisms in hillbilly slang to avoid cursing are “gol durn it” and “dag nab it.”

lollygag: (lälē gag′). verb. to waste time in trifling or aimless activity; fool around

heebie-jeebies: ( hēbē jēbēz). noun. A feeling of uneasiness or nervousness; the jitters.