I Don’t Remember Voting For That…

Is my memory getting bad, or did I miss the election where we voted about getting rid of “In God We Trust” on American money?

Wouldn’t there have  been a big hullabaloo months prior to voting? I do remember  how it was before we voted about gay marriage. So many phone calls, leaflets in the mail, TV and Radio ads. We were bombarded by everyone’s opinion every damned day.

Why didn’t hullabaloo happen about our money?  Because we the people didn’t get a say in the matter.  Something about separation of religion and government we were told. Oh poppycock! Our money doesn’t say “In Religion We Trust”. It has the word “God” on it.

When did “God” become an unmentionable word in the American language?  Hmmm… Oh wait – I know! When we started kissing the asses of every whiny group or organization that said America was infringing upon their right to not believe in Christianity– that’s when. How a dollar and change infringes anyone’s rights to their beliefs is puzzling to me, but by all means, let’s re-tool the mints and issue one dollar coins (because those Susan B. Anthony bucks were such a hit, ya know) that don’t have that word printed on them.

Why am I pissed off?  Because I learned how to say the pledge of allegiance in school, and we stood with our hands over our hearts and said it. Out loud. Every morning.  My granddaughters are denied the right to observe this American tradition. All because somebody was “offended”.

The ass kissing did not start, or stop at this trusting God on our money thing either.  America has been so busy trying to be diplomatic and not offending anyone, that we are infringing our own rights. We are shaping and changing our American traditions and culture to please others.

This scares me – a lot