A Quote For This @#$%*!! Week

“Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress.. But I repeat myself.”
                                  — Mark Twain

Last week it was one (bad) thing after another, either happening to me, or my finding out about something that will be. I just wanted to escape to my imaginary tropical island and stay there until all this sh*! stopped hitting me.  What am I, a fan?

My mood was not helped any by the CNN Breaking News emails that I got at work. Every couple of hours there would be a new development in the Congressional war between the donkeys and the elephants over raising the debt ceiling. WTF!?  I don’t understand how they can get away with that.

Let’s say I go to my bank tomorrow and ask them to raise my credit limit a couple thousand because I can’t pay my bills. What would happen? First, they would laugh. The snort cola out of your nose or pee your pants kind of laughing. Then they would cancel my credit card and have me arrested. Then my attorney, court appointed (of course) because I’m broke you know, will get me out. On the condition I agree to work with one of those companies that consolidate your debts and help you to balance your budget, so you can pay it off.

A budget…. What a great idea! I think that Mr. President should call that 1-800 number on TV and get some help.

2 thoughts on “A Quote For This @#$%*!! Week

  1. Great post! I have always wondered how in the world the government balances their checkbook! We don’t get to run our lives with a deficit! Just how does that work? I might like to do that for awhile!


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