My Big Fat Hairy Decision

I am ashamed to admit this, but I have allowed my hair to look horrid all summer. Camouflaging it with pony-tails, clips, and head-bands. “Why?” Because I could not decide what I was going to do about it, that’s why.

My bleached highlights are way past my scalp, so I can’t say my roots are showing anymore. I could say, “OMG, my gray is showing!” and that would be correct. It would be so cool if gray were the new blonde. But no, and here I have baby fine brown hair, highlighted with gray. You won’t see me in any Vidal Sassoon commercials.

It’s possible you could see me in wig commercials soon, the rate I am losing my hair. It’s totally freaking me out! Why is this happening to me??  I’m not on chemo.. It’s not a symptom of menopause, or diabetes either. My doctor(s) think it’s stress related, so what else is new?. The only thing I am stressing out about is changing my hair-style to minimize the gray and the bald spots.  I’m married to a very handsome man (with a great head of hair) that women (with sexy long hair) flirt with. And here I am contemplating chopping mine short, so the weight does not pull it out.  Hubby dislikes short hair (Duh, all men do). I wonder how he feels about bald ones?

Well, today is the big day. This afternoon I have an appointment with my hairdresser, Tina, and we are going to figure out the best thing to do. Tina has cut, colored, and highlighted my hair since the 80’s. She makes highlights look as if you were born with that hair color. I trust her judgement better than my own. My natural hair color is a dull shade of Dog Poop Brown. Seriously.  Crayola calls it something else, but it’s in that big box of 64 crayons with the crayon sharpener  breaker on the back. Time to get some chores done and stop thinking about it.

Even more hair is falling out as you read this…

4 thoughts on “My Big Fat Hairy Decision

  1. Thank you for your help! Tina told me about that stuff, but I am using a generic version cause it’s way cheaper. Guess that wasn’t such a great deal after all!


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