The New Do

Thank goodness that the wild child showed up at the hair appointment scheduled by the subdued professional woman. Normally, that would be a scary bad thing, but today it gave me the guts to tell Tina, my talented hair-stylist, that I “really needed  a change, so let’s do it!”. She asked me if I was really sure two more times. Then she began to work her magic…

As we chatted about work, her love life, and our granddaughters, hair was falling all around me. On the floor, into my lap, and even my purse. I always forget to calculate the radius of the hair zone when I stash it. Tina is not very neat when she cuts hair. Creative genius rarely is.

I keep my eyes closed to keep the hairs hitting my face out of my eyes. When she was finished, I took a deep breath and looked in the mirror for the first time. All I could think of was “WOW” Cinderella must have felt like this when her fairy godmother waved her wand and poof!, she was ready to go to the Ball.

Mama's New Do .Even though I had no Ball to go to, I rushed home and put on make-up. Just to go to the grocery store. The clerk told me she loved my hair, both the style and the color. Now I had a third-party confirmation that my hair was no  longer an eye-sore.

I can’t make my ‘do look as gorgeous as it does now.  I do not have one ounce of Tina’s hair Mo-Jo. I will do my best Monday morning to coerce my hair into submission, like Tina did, using a blow-dryer, puffs of hairspray and the curling iron. Then more spray, plus tugging and fluffing. And finally, a lot more spray to finish it off. 

I won’t have time to practice enough to get good at it, anyway.  Tuesday night my hubby returns and will probably shoot me.

And not with the camera.

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