Hey! Girls Like Football Too

Dang, that 2nd half sucked yesterday! Not if you were a Cardinal’s fan I suppose.  But I have every confidence that coach Harbaugh and the Niner’s will learn from their mistakes, get Patrick Willis healthy again, and be a major force for the Steeler’s to reckon with next Monday. I mean MAJOR FORCE!

Being the 49er fan that I am, I could not resist outfitting my granddaughters with NFL approved winter sportswear.  I don’t even have cool winter sportswear. I do have an official 50th anniversary 49er’s jersey, however.  I got it when I tried out for the team. Well, kinda. But that’s not the point…

When I was at the check stand  (if your store sponsored me, it could be plugged here…) the clerk says, “Your grandson’s will love these!”. I smiled and corrected her, saying “I have granddaughters”.  The clerk, a girl herself, seemed shocked and didn’t say another word to me.

As I drove home I heard on the radio (your station could be here…) about their fabulous 49er game coverage coming up and then adding “Guys!  Stay tuned for how to win tickets to Monday night’s game against the Steeler’s”. Only a minor irritation compared to television.

Hey! All you major networks (your network , etc….) out there. You need to find other sponsors for Football games. There’s a lot more to life than Big Ass Trucks and Beer. And please up the level of intelligence on the advertisements. Especially the holiday ones. Just because we watch football does not mean we have low IQ’s!


I feel better now.