Misadventures With Technology

Well, I’ve crossed over.

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I bought an iPhone. It is so awesome!

I downloaded my first app yesterday – a diabetic management software.  What?  Well, maybe I will download something fun next time, but I would feel too guilty playing games on my phone while I need to do other things. I’m hoping that “Glucose Buddy” will  rescue me from handwritten forms and complex Excel spreadsheets. That would free up a lot of my time so I could have some fun.

The second app I downloaded was “WordPress”. (Only second because I had trouble finding it.) I still don’t have it set up right because I published a short post from my phone before this one and it must have floated off into a wireless black-hole, because it is not here among my other posts. Maybe it will turn up later. I am not knowing.

I’m terrified that I will damage the thing. I did not buy the insurance, which will probably bite me in the ass later, but the phone cost enough by itself, ya know? You probably do, because unlike me you have had your smartphone for years and have mastered it. I have a feeling that my phone will be smarter than me for a long time.

Please don’t be upset if I don’t call you for a while – I still need to figure out the contacts list thingy.

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