Musical Quarterbacks

Holy Crap, Batman!

Peyton Manning becomes a free-agent and the NFL goes insane. Coaches that already have excellent quarterbacks, who BTW, brought their teams to the last game of the playoffs & beyond. Just 2 months ago, people!  Are memories really that bad? Is Manning really that great?

The 49er and the Bronco management teams obviously think so. Manning was apparently worth the disloyalty and embarrassment of their incumbent star quarterbacks who,  just 2 months ago, brought them into the winner’s circle.

The dust is settling now that Peyton has chosen Denver to be his new home. Of course, that put Tim Tebow out of a job and into the hands of the NY Jets. So, now the Jets quarterback will compete with the “Tebowmania”. Or not.

Alex Smith
AP Photo/Paul Sakuma


Jed York, the 49er’s CEO, told Alex Smith (after Alex signed the 49er’s contract offer), “Thanks for choosing the 49er’s, Alex. Sorry it was a tough week.”

Oh, and, by the way Alex – meet Josh Johnson. You’ll be training him to replace yourself…