Cactus Flowers

Big Momma is going to be a Grandma this summer!

Big Momma is my oldest and largest Aloe plant. Each year her flowers are more beautiful than the last.

The First of Big Momma's Flowers
The First of Big Momma's Flowers this Year

Big Momma has “given birth” to many aloe pods, which took root, and grew into the aloe garden I have now.  I was watering my prickly girls yesterday and discovered that several of the 3-year olds had flowers of their own.

Of course I had to take photos of this to share with y’all.  Last summer I introduced Big Momma and we watched her flowers progress from petals to pods.

Big Momma and the little mommas
Big Momma (on far left) and the little mommas

Now there will be twice as many pods dropping and no soil available.  Look at how the cactus’ (cacti?)  are crowded together, and growing over and under each other.  Try to weed that garden, I dare you! [It is  possible, but you have to wait until the weeds grow tall enough, then use the BIG BBQ tongs to grab them. I’m glad my cactus garden is in the backyard so there are no witnesses to this bizarre gardening technique.]

Little Momma
3-year old "Little Momma"

A light-bulb begins to flicker in my brain. Yes, that can, and occasionally does, happen!  I could adopt these soon to be born aloe pods, tuck them into pots, and  move them with me to our new house.

To be Continued…