This Could Be News…

Parents Strongly Urged to Introduce Computing to Toddlers

Toddler with Laptop
Miss Chloë is getting to know her purple HP laptop

Kindergarten teachers are complaining that students without any computer experience lag way behind students that began using computers in pre-school.

“One year is just not enough to prepare them for first grade”, one Kindergarten teacher explained. “It’s not just  playing games anymore.”

In Kindergarten, kids learn where to find files and software on Windows 2021. Reading is taught using computer terminology and books on the Internet.

Laptops are mandatory when students enter first grade, and they are expected to know how to use them.

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    1. She was so serious about it. I have video of her “cussing” the thing out. Unfortunately, it is too large to email. Someday I’ll figure out how to reduce the size or the camera setting 😉


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