It’s Starting To Look a Lot Like Retirement

I have 8 more working days left at my day-job. I packed up some stuff from my office and brought it home today (where I had to pack it again …). I try to bring something home everyday, so moving out won’t be such a big deal the last couple days.

My employee badge was exchanged for a temporary one, that says: “EXPIRES 19-JUL-2012” – this is if I don’t  turn the thing in (badge) when I exit the place on the 19th. If I want to sneak past the guard at the gate and get in illegally. Like that will occur to me. I have gone through that gate for 28+ years now, and I’m ready to stop.

I want to do my own things. Like write a novel (or two), and at least one screenplay. I sometimes fantasize about Best Seller lists and the Oscars. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?   But my number one thrill is getting so involved in the story that I am there, and it unfolds right before my eyes as I write it down.

Old Notebooks

I have a drawer full of old notebooks with handwritten stories, beginnings of novels & poems. I wrote them before people had computers with Microsoft on them. Before spell check.

I also want to finish up other kinds of projects started long ago:  quilts, rugs, a family cookbook. And who knows what new bees are yet to fly up my bonnet! I think all these changes at once are going to be an adventure… 😉

photo credit: aepoc via photo pin cc