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Yesterday, yours truly retired from her day job. Yep, I did.

Tomorrow, I move out of the town I have lived in since my third birthday, to a smaller town that snuggles up to the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Today, I ask myself what was I thinking?  I am not a mountains kind of gal. I’m more of a beach bunny, Sun God worshiper, the “I only like to camp at the Hilton” kind of gal.  I just happened to fall in love with a mountains kind of guy. Bottom line, I will go wherever he goes and he is going to the mountains.  Who knows, maybe I will love it up there once I’m used to the elevation and the isolated winters. I heard someone talking about wearing snowshoes one year. Once I can get over worrying about our neighbors, I mean the non-human ones that live in the forest. The human ones I haven’t met yet, but Hubby assures me that they are OK.  Many people have told me that once I settle in, I will LOVE it.

I hope they know what they are talking about.

The fact that there is only one grocery store for miles, is making me nervous. No Starbucks. No Wal-Mart in a 50 mile radius – maybe farther than that. Civilization, as I know it, is not up there.

THANK GOD THEY HAVE INTERNET SERVICE THERE. So I will be back on-line July 29th when they install it. I really suck at keyboarding on my iPhone, so I will spare us both the annoyance. If I take a cool picture of something I will try to post it for your amusement. This offer is not guaranteed, BTW.

Oh, sorry!  I got side-tracked there for a minute. I belong to an email list that sends me a Positive Quote of the Day every morning.  Today’s quote is:

“It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined

— Henry James

Wow!   How did they know?

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