Hello World, it’s me again…

Temporary Computer Desk

It is so great to be back!

We now have TV, Internet & Phone service up here in the forest. I really missed y’all. And I know you are dying to find out about the BIG MOVE because as you know, everything this crazy woman does has to be such a damned “adventure”. You’ll only have to be patient a bit longer 😉

<— Hubby made me a temporary desk today after the cable guy left.  (Not Larry, Sean was his name) We will be in search of office and living room furniture this week, and will actually venture out to the stores in the “big cities” of Sonora & Manteca.

I think I am halfway unpacked now, after a week of hard labor. Nothing seems to be in the right place yet, so re-arranging has been the hard part of the labor. There are little yellow sticky-notes on cupboard doors so hubby knows what is where at any given time. I won’t admit it, but I often need these little notes myself.

Tomorrow is Monday. When I don’t have to get up and get to work, Monday’s are really quite pleasant. In fact, the other six days are pretty cool too. I totally recommend this retirement thing  🙂

One thought on “Hello World, it’s me again…

  1. Oh man!! I don’t think I will be able to follow your blog any longer. It will just be to hard on my mental health. JK I will be patiently waiting for that first literary work of art….be it a children’s book or a novel! I will be first in line to get my signed copy!!


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