Never Let A Man Pick Out Your Vacuum Cleaner-Part 2

When I calmed down about Big Yellow, it occurred to me that the user manual might help.  I’m a technician for heaven’s sake, maybe I can fix this evil thing.

Sure enough, there were suggestions for what to do if the vacuum is hard to push. Check the  brush roller, and belt for signs of wear. Replace the worn parts.

All-righty then…

In order to do this, one has to remove the entire bottom plate of said vacuum. I find my Phillips screw driver, and remove the screws holding the plate on. When I remove the plate, a bunch of dusty dirt poofs out all over me and the floor.  And there was this black sooty looking crap everywhere. How about that? Men had been vacuuming my house! The evidence was right in my face. Literally.

The sooty crap was coming off the worn and disintegrating belt. I had a another belt in the cupboard. After attaching  the new belt, and syncing it with the roller (which looked pretty worn also), I cleaned up the bottom plate and screwed it back on.


The test drive was disappointing. Big Yellow seemed a teeny bit easier to push, but he still was too much for me. I got on-line and ordered a replacement belt and a new roller. When it arrives I will install it and then we will see if Big Yellow can stay here or not.

Good grief! I have taken apart a machine, fixed one thing and ordered parts for it. Man  kind of stuff.  Have I begun to turn into a man?   [Hubby is not going to like this at all…]

Oh wait! – I just remembered that I read the manual while  fixing Big Yellow, therefore, I am nowhere near becoming a man.


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