Pre November Blues

Specifically, the NaNoWriMo jitters.

Less than a week away and I’m getting very nervous. I still have no clue about what I want to write, who my protagonist(s) are, and who’s point-of-view to tell the story (what story??) from. My brain is a vast plain of nothingness.

Maybe this is the way my subconscious prevents me from getting a head start (cheating). If so, I better wake up November 1st full of ideas and momentum. Do you hear me subconscious mind?

Then, I realize I’m not home at my computer on November 1st. I’ll be at my daughter’s house, recovering from Halloween festivities with my granddaughters. Mental Note: pack a new notebook and several pencils to take with me. Who knows? I used to write epic stories in spiral notebooks when I was a kid.  Perhaps returning to my “roots” will give me the creative boost I need. Or not.

Old Notebooks
The Pile of Epic Stories – somewhere in a box…

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Pre November Blues

  1. Like you I am jittery about NaNo too. With that said, I’m going for it anyway. Even if I don’t do 50,000 wds I’ll be further than where I am now. Good luck to you!


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