NoMo, NoMo

And just when I am totally into the story and my fingers are playing the keyboard like a piano…

I am interrupted. I try to be a good sport and listen to what my beloved is telling me, even though it could have waited for me to emerge from my office during a stretch break.

Since I’m interrupted anyway, I go to the kitchen and refill my glass, use the facilities, and do a few yoga stretches. I remember that I need to get laundry going so we can have clothes to wear when we join my beloved’s family for Thanksgiving.  So, I go unload the washer to the dryer, then load it again.

Now. I return to my story and read over the part I had just finished. Whoops! It has a typo. Maybe I should rephrase that sentence. Perhaps that part needs to be from Juan’s point of view?

The spell was broken.  There shall be NoMo words today.

Blank Notebook
photo credit: net_efekt via photopin cc

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